Fender American Performer Mustang Bass, Rosewood Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst

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The Mustang Bass Is Better Than Ever

With its easy-playing 30" scale length and thumpy, punchy tone, the Mustang Bass is a favorite in the hands of any rock, surf, and soul lover. The Fender American Performer Mustang Bass marks a performance-defying return to form — with an exciting new look, modern tonal advancements, and an attractive American-made price that's sure to appeal to today's players. In addition to the silky-smooth Fender Yosemite classic split single-coil, you get a Yosemite Jazz Bass bridge pickup for added depth, growl, and versatility. Pickups are carefully calibrated, shellac dipped for feedback control, and fed into a Fender Greasebucket tone circuit to permit extra musicality from your onboard controls. Factor in the comfortable alder body and speedy, rosewood-topped modern "C" maple neck, and the Fender American Performer Mustang Bass promises to be one of the best iterations of the Mustang Bass we've seen.

American-made quality at an unbeatable price

Fender's American Performer Series exists to do one thing: give you genuine US-made quality at an unbeatable price. The American Performer Mustang Bass gives you a great selection of pro features, including a supremely playable maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, jumbo frets, Yosemite pickups, and Fender's innovative Greasebucket tone control. All in all, it's quite a potent music-delivery system. And it's made right here in the USA, in Fender's state-of-the-art Corona, California factory.

Versatile split and J-style Yosemite pickups

Modern or vintage, rounds or flats, players of all stripes will be pleased with what this Mustang Bass is packing by way of its increased-output Yosemite Alnico V passive pickups. In neck position is the classic split single-coil, for tubbier, thumpier walking lines and rubber band soul riffs. In bridge position, you'll find an additional Jazz Bass pickup with flat-staggered pole pieces for balance, clarity, and punch. These, paired with independent volume controls for each pickup and a master tone control, equip the American Performer Mustang Bass from Guitar World for just about any style of music you can throw at it.

Greasebucket tone circuit

Fender has fitted their American Performer Mustang Bass with their Greasebucket tone control, which rolls off highs without adding bass or affecting your volume. This is seriously cool, because it gives you explicit control over your tone onstage without your having to compensate for volume loss — making the American Performer Mustang Bass a serious tone machine.


Fender American Performer Mustang Bass Features:

  • The classic Mustang Bass — now better than ever
  • American-made quality at an unbeatable price
  • Alder body is lightweight and tonally balanced
  • Maple modern “C” neck supplies supreme playability
  • Easy-playing 9.5"-radius fingerboard with jumbo frets
  • Yosemite pickups (Mustang Split and Jazz) equip this bass for rock, soul, and beyond
  • Greasebucket tone control rolls off highs without adding bass or affecting your volume