Jet City JCA24SV 2x12 Speaker Cabinet

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Our top of the line 2×12″ cabinet has several features for the guitar tone aficionado. Like all our cabinets, we use void-free, fine-ply, 15mm plywood. 24SV is a vertical cabinet – the two 12″ are stacked on top of each other, and slightly offset. Plus the top speaker is on a bit of a slant. Some advantages to this design are a small stage footprint, it projects well to the player on stage, and it raises the head to a level which is easier to adjust. The cabinet design is a solid, fixed-back so there's plenty of low end and projection. 


With a vintage rock tone in mind, we turned to Celestion and included their ever-popular Vintage 30.


JCA24SV is an excellent choice to run with a wide range of amp heads – but we think it pairs particularly well with our JCA20HV.

Tech Specs:


  • Inputs: 1×1/4″ at 16 ohm

  • Thru: 1×1/4″ Thru speaker output

  • Power handling: 120 watts RMS mono

  • Cabinetry:Multi-ply, void-free hardwood

  • Drivers: 2×12” Celestion Vintage 30

  • 11.26” - depth at the top
    14” - depth at the bottom
    19.49” - width
    25.98” - height

  • Weight: 40.2lbs net