Jet City Jet Direct Amplifier Attenuator


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Our MicSim circuit, designed by Roberts Audio Tech. ÌΫ̴


Always wanted a line out for your guitar amplifier but didn’t want to pay for an expensive mod? The JetDirect is your answer. Put this inconspicuous little “black box” between your head and cabinet and voila! Thanks to Doug Roberts’s emulation circuitry, the XLR line output actually sounds like a mic’d speaker. Eliminate stage mics all together, making the sound-man’s job a little easier or use the line signal as an additional layer for your “wall of sound”.




  • (1) ¼” Speaker-Level Input – For connecting the speaker output of your amplifier

  • (1) ¼” Speaker Level Output – For connecting to the input of your speaker cabinet

  • (1) XLR Line-Level (Speaker-Emulated) Output – For connecting to a mixing board or recording device

  • Cold-Rolled Steel Chassis – Strength and durability for the gigging pro